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IE Multipage and TabStrip Help...

Kiran B.
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Hi, I have managed to popluate a datagrid in multipage pageview control. My
problem is I need to use ItemDatabound Event and it's not working or should
i say, i don't know how it works with the datagrid that is associated with

My code looks like...

Private Sub BindGrid(ByVal custMode As String, _

ByVal ds As DataSet)

Dim dview As DataView

Dim dg As DataGrid = New DataGrid()

Dim lbl As Label

dview = CreateDataSet(custMode, ds)

If Not dview Is Nothing Then

If custMode = "N" Then

'With dgdNewCustomers

' .DataSource = dview

' .DataBind()

'End With

lbl = myReturnMultiPage.FindControl("lblNew")

dg = myReturnMultiPage.FindControl("dgdMyNewOrders")

dg.DataSource = dview


lbl.Text = "Return Orders " & dview.Count

'lblTotalNewOrders.Text = "New Orders " & dview.Count


'With dgdReturnCustomers

''.DataSource = dview


'End With

lbl = myReturnMultiPage.FindControl("lblReturn")

dg = myReturnMultiPage.FindControl("dgdMyReturnOrders")

dg.DataSource = dview


lbl.Text = "Return Orders " & dview.Count

'lblTotalReturnOrders.Text = "Return Orders " & dview.Count

End If


End If

End Sub


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