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Custom property in inherited control & databinding

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I have a custom control that inherited the DataList. What I want is for the
code on the aspx page to make the following call:

CustomDataList.CategoryID = 1

The control uses this property to filter the data it displays. The control
handles getting the data itself. The code I have in the control is:

Catalog cat = new Catalog();
DataSet ds = cat.GetCatalog();
DataView dv = new DataView(ds.Tables[0]);
dv.RowFilter = "CategoryID = " + _catid;
base.DataSource = dv;

The problem I'm having is that if I put this code in the constructor (New)
the property value (_catid) is not set yet, but if I put this code anywhere
else the control won't display the data (The data is being retrieved ok,
just not displayed). I've tried a bunch of combinations but none worked.
Which event should this code be in to work? Also am I correct in setting the
base. properies? I've tried it to this. and same thing. None of the many
examples I've looked at show a solution. Thanks!


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