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Probleme of Dynamic Server Control:ViewState

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Are your controls generated within the:
If Not IsPostBack Then
'***** Controls added here
End If

I had a similar problem, but then I realized that I need
to add the controls each time to the webform. I do not
need to reload the values (actually you shouldn't reload
the values for the controls like the textbox, cause that
will overwrite the value that the user has inputted), but
the controls need to be added on each postback as well. So
make sure you add them on each postback as well (i.e. do
not add your controls within the above mentioned If

Hope that helps. If not, would you be able to describe in
more detail the way you go about adding them to your

>-----Original Message-----
>Hie all, I generate dynamically a HtmlTable in wich I

include dynamic server control like DropDownList label...
>But when I click to th Submit button in order get the

value entered by the user using the their ID it seem that
the aspx page is refreshed and I lost all the control .
>Would Your mind to help me please
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