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Dynamic Crystal Reports

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Hey all,

Been working with the Crystal Report Viewer, and have run into a situation I
am hoping someone can help me get past. This may be more of a CR question,
but hoping for some CR gurus to stop by in here.

Crystal's knowledgebase has made available a bunch of examples for both
ASP.Net and VB.Net applications for download and review (I added the links
at the end of this post). One of the examples is how to pass in a parameter
to the form from the .aspx page so you can alter what is displayed.
However, on closer inspection, you find that the form pulls across a huge
set of records and merely filters out all records not in the group matching
the parameter passed in.

My snag is that I do not want to pull across a huge set of records, rather I
would prefer to use a stored procedure on the SQL Server that accepts a
parameter and returns only those records I want. The records are the same
structure every time, just the content may be different. While the example
shows how to pass in the parameter, I do not know how to set up the form to
utilize not just a Stored Procedure, but rather one that requires a

In short: Create an ASP.Net page that displays a Crystal Report whose data
is determined by a parameter passed in to the report and used in a Stored
Procedure tying it to a SQL Server.

Has anyone in here run into this situation and can explain how to deal with

-- Andrew

Crystal Decisions Project Examples:
VB .NET Web Sample Applications

VB .NET Windows Sample Applications

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