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SelectedIndexChanged in Composite control

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I have a composite control with a Microsoft.Web.UI.WebControls
TabControl and Multipage controls, plus a bunch of text boxes and a
couple of DropDownLists. Of course all the controls are created
dynamically. I need to handle the event when the dropdown lists have
their selected item changed, so I can pop up a dialog to allow editing
of the item.

I found out how to pop up a dialog using JScript, but I can't see any
way to make it work with my dynamic controls. I cannot even get the
SelectedIndexChanged event to fire. Here is what I am doing:

When the DropDownList is created, I add an event handler like:

DropDownList List = new DropDownList ();
List.SelectedIndexChanged += new System.EventHandler(EditItem);

And created a handler that is a member of the class that contains the
composite control:

private void EditItem (object sender, System.EventArgs e)

The event never fires. I read that change events do not fire until
postback time. This is not good, because I need an immediate response
to the selection change. So I added List.AutoPostBack = true. This
does cause post back, but the event still does not fire.


Thanks, Russ
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