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Textarea objects instead of text boxes in datagrids

J. Muenchbourg
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How do I specify inside a datagrid that does edits/updates, that a
certain field should display its contents in TEXTAREA html objects, not
text box controls. See tag in boundcolumn/datagrid control:

HeaderText="Sample Text">

...and if I can put a textarea object in a datagrid, will I use the
.text method to parse the data from that field name when calling my sql
parameters and such:

MyCommand.Parameters.Add(New SQLParameter("@sampletext",

...when I tried using this reference to display "sampletext" inside a

Dim sampletext As textarea = E.Item.cells(5).Controls(0)

...i got a "Type 'textarea' is not defined" error.

I know inside a <asp:textbox> control tag , you can specify
TEXTMODE="MultiLine" as an attribute, but as far as generating one
withint a datagrid, i can't find an answer

thanks for help

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