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Do You Use Modes In Your Pages?

Matt Swift
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The way we currently work with our code is that we have, quite
often, a lot of visual components that we'd previously have had to build
over a number of pages, on one page. A page may use different combinations
of components according on its 'mode' (the stage of functionality a user is
at within their process). This means we usually deal with page 'modes' via
a method of a property in the codebehind, and all is good. Sometimes it
does feel like overkill, but it works well, and yeah it certainly feels

Lately I've begun working with the UIPAB (User Interface Process Application
Block). Now, changing mode, making certain components visible/unvisible,
stuff like this, needs to be thought about differently. Our current
approach does not seem to work that well with the block, as the new layer
wants to deal with business code, and change the page mode, which is now in
an upper layer, and we don't want to go talking directly to the visual
components in the block controller (I know, I'm making little sense at this
point but..) so this needs event modelling or new state useage to handle
this stuff.

So, what I'd like to know is, just how many developers out there use
something similar to the 'mode' I described, and how many go with many
different pages etc. The latter may be something we start going back
towards in the future. I'd appreciate your thoughts, and please, don't
grill my ass if I made little sense, it's early here and I am drinking very
potent coffee. Thankyou.

Matt Swift
Developer , S-Cool Ltd
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