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Basic Q - Response.Redirect, all redirect to first Response.Redirect statement

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I have 4 files
1. login.htm - Username and password box (Start page, links to Auth.aspx
2. Auth.aspx - checks user against databas
3. ChangePsswd.aspx - allows user to change pssw
4. Error.htm - If logon is unsuccessful

In the Auth.aspx file, I have the following
Dim validate = (login(in_Username, in_UserPW)) // returns 1 if user in DB. 0 if no

Select Case validat
**Display data*
messBox("User does not exist"
End Selec

Elsewhere on the page I have another function redirecting the user to ChangePsswd.aspx to change there password

Private Sub btnChngPwd_ServerClick(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnChngPwd.ServerClic
End Su

However, any time I select the button change password, it always redirects me to the page Error.htm. I have other redirects on the page, but all redirect to the first listed redirect command Response.Redirect("Error.htm") in the select statement. i have tried using both Response.Clear() and Response.End() for all Redirect staements (before and after) but to no avail. Any Ideas much appreciated


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Ok, something I have just tried and seems to be working, is encapsulating all code in the Function
Private Sub Page_Load(.....


If Not Page.IsPostBack The
End i

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