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Display a block of text, Label or Literal or Textbox or TextArea, Line problem?

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Hi everybody,
I just need to display a database text field onto a web page. But it
seems to me that none of the or html controls is suitable for
my task.
Let's say, the text need to be displayed is like following:

Line 1
Line 2

For Literal web control, it doe not display return line or
line feed proerply. Instead, it will display Line 1 Line 2 in same
I understand that in Html, we need to use <br> to start a new line.
But that means I have to translate my text to include <br> tag, which
doesn't seem to be a good choice for me.
For Label control, it has the same problem as literal control--no
line break.
For textbox or textarea control, they seem to recognize line breaks,
however, both controls need to have a certain height.
But my web page needs to display text like free flow text, instead of
limiting them inside a textbox window.
Could you tell me any better solution?

Thank you.

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