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Email Question -- SMTP Server, Win2000, Win2003

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I am using SMTP mail to send emails. I ran the aspx page from my
local machine,which is running Windows 2000, and sent an email to my
yahoo account. I then checked my yahoo account and the email looked

When I ran the same page from the development server, which is
running windows 2003, I saw "! " (hyphen and space) appear in the
email. I tested it couple of times and it appeared at different
locations, but was always present.

ex: The word "Information" appearad as
"Inf! ormation"

Have you encontered this before?

My code is at the bottom.

Thank you,


Dim flag As Boolean
Dim Message As System.Web.Mail.MailMessage = New
Message.To = to_add
Message.From = from_add
If cc > "" Then
Message.Cc = cc
End If
If cc > "" Then
Message.Bcc = bcc
End If

Message.Subject = subject
Message.Body = body_text
Message.BodyFormat = MailFormat.Html

flag = False

SmtpMail.SmtpServer ""
flag = True
Catch ehttp As System.Web.HttpException
Console.WriteLine("0", ehttp.Message)
Console.WriteLine("Here is the full error message")
Console.Write("0", ehttp.ToString())
flag = False
End Try
Return flag
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