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Datagrid with new column for each row in databtable - is it possible?

James Radke
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I am creating an web page (using VB.NET) and would like to have the
following format:

column 1 column 2 column 3 ....

Lane 1 2
Width xx xx
Yards xx xx
Breaks xx xx
QC (dropdownlist) (list) (list)
RC (dropdownlist) (list) (list)

Each time I select a series to display, there can be 1 to (xx) lanes to be
displayed (I plan on putting the control within a DIV with the width set to
allow a scroll.....).

What I want to know, is if there a way to create a datagrid (or other .net
control such as repeater / datalist) that will allow me to dynamically
create a new COLUMN for each row of data in my table versus creating a new
row for each row of data in the table as the datagrid currently does so I
can create such a display?

If there is, does anyone have any examples to share?



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Hi Jim,

You may take a look following article to see if it will help:
frlrfSystemWebUIWebControlsDataGridColumnCollectio nClassAddTopic.asp

This article discuss about Add Method of DataGridColumnCollection class. We
can add a column dynamically via it.

Microsoft Online Support

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