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How do I fill a list box through code on a web page ?

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I am a novice developer who would like to create
a dataset-table and then use the cmd. to
look up a value passed from the web calander control. The
value(s) would then be used to populate a listbox on the
web form. Here is the following code that I tried. It is
called from the date selected event of the calender
control. I know that I need to create the datatable only
one time and then save in a variable.




Public Sub SetUpDataBinding()

Dim datConn As String = "Integrated
Security=SSPI;Initial Catalog=DocsDates;Data Source=
Dim cnDocDates As New SqlConnection(datConn)


Dim cmdGetCases As New SqlCommand
("CMasterSelectCommand", cnDocDates)
Dim daCases As New SqlDataAdapter("SELECT
case_id, lname, case_status from CaseMaster", cnDocDates)
Dim daDocs As New SqlDataAdapter("SELECT
case_id, document_nme, doc_dte_start, " & _
"doc_dte_due, comments from CaseDocs where
case_id in " & _
"(SELECT case_id from CaseMaster)",
Dim ds As New DataSet
daDocs.Fill(dsCases, "tblCaseDocs")
Session("dsCases") = dsCases

holdDte = Today

Catch ex As System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException

HttpContext.Current.Request.UserHostAddress = ""
Session("CurrentError") = ex.Message
Session("CurrentError") = "Error
processing page."
End If
' cnDocDates.Close()
End Try

End Sub

Public Sub ListBoxFill() ((( This called when a date
is selected on the calendar web control )))))

Dim myCol As DataColumn
Dim myRow As DataRow
Dim currRows() As DataRow

Dim nRow As DataRow()
Dim irow As DataRow

nRow = tblCaseDocs.Select("doc_dte_due = '" &
holdDte.ToString & "'") ((( I get an error on the web page
when I click on a date saying that the table column
[doc_dte_due] isn't found ?? )))


For Each irow In nRow
ListBox1.Items.Add(irow("case_id") & " " &

ListBox1.DataBind() (((( Do I need this ? )))

End Sub

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