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Setting Nested User Controls Visible Property

Donald Williamson
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Hope someone can help me with this one.

I have two user controls - 'Footer' and 'SideBar'. The Footer control
contains the SideBar control.

From the main page, I'm wanting to pass in a visible property to Footer
which would tell it to whether to display the SideBar control

Here's the main page that calls the Footer control:

<USER:SITEFOOTER id="Footer" DisplaySideBar=True

The Footer page contains the following property:

Property DisplaySideBar () As Boolean


Return dispayBar

End Get

Set(ByVal Value As Boolean)

displayBar = Value

End Set

End Property

The Footer page then calls the SideBar

<USER:SideBar id="Bar" runat="server" DisplaySideBar= <%#DisplaySideBar%> >

The problem is that DisplaySideBar does not appear to be getting set or even
working. If I hardcode the following, it works fine:

<USER:SideBar id="Bar" runat="server" DisplaySideBar= true >


<USER:SideBar id="Bar" runat="server" DisplaySideBar= false >

So the question is what's the right way to do this? Please let mw know if
you need any more info. Thanks.

- Donald

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