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I need help with .bat script

Lucas Cowald
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Hi, I have no idea how to write .bat scripts, can you help me write one?
Here is a pseudo code of what I would like the .bat script do.

For intFolder = 1 to 100
For intFileNumber = 1 to 20
IF intFileNumber.wmv file does not exist, THEN exit loop.
sse45.exe -i k:\o\intFileNumber.wmv -o k:\o\intFileNumber.shh -w
128 -df 0 -m 2 -p

I need to use this script to run sse45.exe program that will convert files
in one format to another. I have about 100 folders that contain around 20
files in each folder. The files are numbered as consecutive integers
starting with number 1 (example: 1.wmv, 2.wmv, 3.wmv, .....). Folders are
also numbered from 1 to 100.

Would you be so kind and write me a .bat script that would do the job of my
pseudocode above?
Thank you in advance,
Lucas Cowald.

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