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Custom Control with Child Controls

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I have created 2 custom control : MyControl and C1
I have following tags in my aspx file :
<myCtrl:MyControl runat=server>
<myCtrl:C1 Text="A" runat=server />
<myCtrl:C1 Text="B" runat=server />

Now I want to render the output in the following manner :

Custom control C1 will render each row (<tr>) which I am
able to do by having a property named "Text" inside C1 and
overriding the Render method.

Custom control MyControl should start a Table and also end
the table when all the child controls are rendered.

I am not able to close the table after all the child
controls are rendered.
I tried having a Custom ControlBuilder Class and
overriding some methods but that is also not working.

This thing works with controls such as :

<asp:LinkButton ID="lb1" Runat=server>
LinkButton <br>
<asp:Label ID="l1" Runat=server>one</asp:Label>
<asp:Label ID="l2" Runat=server>two</asp:Label>

The output when I see source :

<a id="lb1" href="javascript:__doPostBack('lb1','')">
LinkButton <br>
<span id="l1">one</span><br>
<span id="l2">two</span><br>

My problem in my control is how to get this last "</a>"

Kindly help.


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