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Loosing property values; and design time rendering

Mark Norgate
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I'm having a couple of problems with a control I'm developing.

Firstly, I have a custom property called InnerHtml. Whenever I populate this
in the properties window, the value is immediately deleted when the
application in run. Why would this be? Here's the code for the property

public string InnerHtml {
get {
object o = ViewState["InnerHtml"];
if( o!=null )
return o.ToString();
return "";
set {
ViewState["InnerHtml"] = value;

Secondly, my control designer does not seem to render at all in the
designer. I'm using a very simple GetDesignTimeHtml() implementation:

public override string GetDesignTimeHtml() {
return CreatePlaceHolderDesignTimeHtml( "XhtmlControl" );

....and I think I'm connecting it properly in the control:

Designer("Refresh.WebControls.XhtmlControlDesigner ", "XhtmlControl")

Why is nothing appearing? All I see are the resizing handles all bunched

Thanks, Mark

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