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Unable to Call inline function from web user control?

Richard Adams
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I'm not getting a call to the inline function in the code-behind to
determine which images to populate a table with. On compile if the
function name doesn't match it tells me. On execution I get nothing,
the call doesn't even appear to take place, as a
response.write("AAARGH!!!") as the first line in the function produces
nothing. Am I missing something?

Function looks like this, in the codebehind for the web user control:

Public Function drawInSr(ByRef cmd As String) As String
Select Case cmd
Case "l"
drawInSr = "images/lefton.gif"
Case "m"
drawInSr = "images/midon.gif"
Case Else
drawInSr = cmd
End Select
Return drawInSr
End Function

HTML looks like this:

<td vAlign="bottom" width="12" height="19">
<IMG height="19" alt="" src="<%# drawInSr("l") %>" width="12"
<td vAlign="bottom" align="center" width="100" background="<%#
drawInSr("m") %>" height="19">
<a href="SDDSInsuredLookup.aspx?Tab=InsSrch">Insured Search</a></td>
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