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I have 2 web user controls in my page. One who manages if
you can go to the other step and the other it's a list of
person. If there is no person in the list you can go to
the other step.

For the control who valid if you can go to the other step,
I had this event to the button in JavaScript.

this.ibtnNext.Attributes.Add("onclick","javascript : return
ValidNextStep("+contDataInfo1.tb_Tickets.Count+"); ");
(I keep this information in the Cache, it's available for

If it's > 0 ok it react to the event in Click in the c#

It's doesn't work really well because it always create the
JavaScript and after it had react to the event of add
person. It's always the value before the event in my

I tried to add the control in my page a the event
pre_render, this time I got the good value but I don't
know why it didn't react at my event in my c# code.

What in can do? I can't do that kind of coupling?

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