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How do I approach this (typical scenario)

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Hi there,

This is probably a pretty standard scenario and I'm just looking for
information on how to approach it. Someone comes to my site and without
logging on, they select the "Buy" page. I now need to move them through a
series of order pages but they have to be logged on once they click "Next"
on the "Buy" page. So, after selecting their products on this page, they
click "Next". I now need to check if they're logged on. If so I continue
with the next order page. Otherwise I need to pop up a standard login page
first. This page will prompt existing users to enter their ID and password
on the left-hand side, and new users to enter their new account info on the
right-hand side (pretty standard). In either case, once the user clicks
"Next", I log them in and continue with the next order page (note that a new
account will have been created for new users). The user is therefore logged
on when they hit my next order page. The question is, should I incorporate
all these "pages" into a wizard control so that there's only one page to
deal with (or use separate pages instead). A wizard seems like the cleanest
way until you consider that SSL has to be active immediately after they log
on (HTTPS). That is, when they hit the next order page just after logging
on, if I use a wizard, I would need to refresh the page somehow so that it's
now showing HTTPS. But I also need to keep the wizard control intact as
well, i.e., at the same step in the sequence so they can keep clicking
"Next" or "Back". Can someone recommend how to do this. Should I even use a
wizard at all or just make every step its own page (if a wizard, how do you
technically refresh the page from HTTP to HTTPS). What's cleaner, easier,
etc. Thanks very much.

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