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Forms Based Authentication and AD and Roles and Security Trimming!

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Hello there,

I've looked everywhere and cannot find a solution to this. Have you
seen an implementation of forms based authentication to AD WITH roles
WITH security trimming? Would you recommend this? How do you go about

So, I've implemented Forms Authentication w/ Active Directory as per
the following article:
I'm wondering what options are available to me if I'd like to use
securitytrimming=true via roles. I attempted to implement the
sqlroleprovider and did not have much luck. It would never show me ANY
links (even after being logged in and being a part of the permitted
roles). Can you tell me what you've implemented or have seen
implemented using forms authentication w/ active directory for
roles/security trimming?

Some background: I'm developing an "intranet" app that both employees
and students will be using. I'm putting it into one app because
certain tasks will be utilized by both employees and students. What
would you recommend in my situation? I've chosen forms based
authentication because we will have students logging in and they may
not be on the domain... the windows authentication prompt that pops up
for integrated windows auth doesn't tell them to use their student ID
and it's just not friendly. I'm thinking my problems would be solved
if I just made it two separate apps but problems with that include:
knowing 2 separate addresses, developing the same code for 2 separate
apps, etc. My problem with this is that I'm duplicating code and our
intranet users would be confused as to where to go to do what.

Personally, I'm fine with using AD or SQL for the role store. I would
think SQL would be faster and using the sqlroleprovider would give me
more benefits such as methods to add a user to a role, etc.

Thanks for any advice!

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