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ChangePassword First Time Login

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My question has to do with the login/change password process.

I am putting together a site which implements high security.
Users of the site are assigned a UserName, Password and Profile before they
ever login to the site.
When the user firsts logs in i would like to redirect them to the change
password page only if this is there first time logging in.
So that they must change there password before entering the site.
I can accomplish this by Hooking the LoggingIn Event and comparing the
Creation Date to the LastPasswordChanged Date in the membership table.
If they are equal then they must change there password because it is the
first time they have logged in.

The problem i am having is that when i redirect them to the
ChangePassword.aspx page before the use is authenticated it then redirects me
back to the Login page.

The documentation clearly states that if i include the UserName in the
ChangePassword control this will work and act as a Login
type control and then redirect the user back to what ever page in the
SuccessPageUrl property of which i would send them to the default.aspx page
in the root of the site.

What am i missing here to make the change password work as i would like?

I hope this is enough information to answer my question.
If more information is needed please don't hesitate to ask and i will provide

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