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Membership and Role Provider Discussion

Bob Erwin
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I would like to get some people's thoughts on the Membership Provider and
Role Provider and how it relates to the overall Microsoft goal.

I am in the beginning stages of developing an application in 2.0 and have
been researching the membership and role providers to help me out. Of
course I will need to write a custom membership and role provider to get it
to do what I want. I have written an entire global authentication dll in
the past with .NET 1.1, but was wanting to try to use this membership and
role provider model. Frankly, I'm not too impressed with how they have done
stuff, but would be willing to accept certain limitations if I new what the
future of this provider model was.

For instance, if I don't use this membership provider will that limit me in
the future from using the personalization provider? Next, is sharepoint
going to be using this new membership provider for its authentication (one
of my big complaints about sharepoint currently). What does this Membership
and Role provider really gain me? Just drag and dropping controls? I don't
think that will exactly work smoothly anyway if you are customizing your
provider, right? If I do just decide to write my own class to do this, will
I screw myself later?

Any insight to this question will be appreciated and I would love to get a
good discussion out of the theories of these providers. I think the whole
community would benefit from a discussion beyond just the technical articles
out there praising the provider. I can see using this for some small
application, but when you are developing an enterprise app, I'm not so sure
this is the way to go, unless other Microsoft apps will be utilizing this.


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