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Security Setup Wizard problem

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I'm in the process of learning how to set up personalization for a page with
web parts, and I've hit a problem I can't resolve.

I built an example that works, and in that project, I can open the Web Site
Administration Tool and fire up the Security Setup Wizard. No problem so

I create a new project, copy all the code exactly from the prior project,
including the web.config, and I make sure that the settings for the two
sites in IIS are identical. When I attempt to use the Security Setup Wizard
I get this lengthy message. I also get the same message if I attempt to
build the project one step at a time, or even create a new project (web

Has anyone seen this before, and can you give me any guidance on how to
resolve it? Here's the message:

An error was encountered. Please return to the previous page and try again.

The following message may help in diagnosing the problem: Specified argument
was out of the range of valid values. Parameter name: site at
System.Web.Configuration.WebConfigurationHost.Init ForConfiguration(String&
locationSubPath, String& configPath, String& locationConfigPath,
IInternalConfigRoot configRoot, Object[] hostInitConfigurationParams) at
System.Configuration.Configuration..ctor(String locationSubPath, Type
typeConfigHost, Object[] hostInitConfigurationParams) at
System.Configuration.Internal.InternalConfigConfig urationFactory.System.Configuration.Internal.IInte rnalConfigConfigurationFactory.Create(Type
typeConfigHost, Object[] hostInitConfigurationParams) at
System.Web.Configuration.WebConfigurationHost.Open Configuration(WebLevel
webLevel, ConfigurationFileMap fileMap, VirtualPath path, String site,
String locationSubPath, String server, String userName, String password,
IntPtr tokenHandle) at
System.Web.Configuration.WebConfigurationManager.O penWebConfigurationImpl(WebLevel
webLevel, ConfigurationFileMap fileMap, String path, String site, String
locationSubPath, String server, String userName, String password, IntPtr
userToken) at
System.Web.Configuration.WebConfigurationManager.O penMappedWebConfiguration(WebConfigurationFileMap
fileMap, String path) at
System.Web.Administration.WebAdminPage.OpenWebConf iguration(String path,
String appPhysPath, Boolean getWebConfigForSubDir) at
System.Web.Administration.WebAdminPage.OpenWebConf iguration(String path,
Boolean getWebConfigForSubDir) at
ASP.security_wizard_wizardpermission_ascx.BindGrid () at
ASP.security_wizard_wizardpermission_ascx.Page_Loa d() at
System.Web.Util.CalliHelper.ArglessFunctionCaller( IntPtr fp, Object o) at
System.Web.Util.CalliEventHandlerDelegateProxy.Cal lback(Object sender,
EventArgs e) at System.Web.UI.Control.OnLoad(EventArgs e) at
System.Web.UI.Control.LoadRecursive() at
System.Web.UI.Control.LoadRecursive() at
System.Web.UI.Control.LoadRecursive() at
System.Web.UI.Control.LoadRecursive() at
System.Web.UI.Control.LoadRecursive() at
System.Web.UI.Page.ProcessRequestMain(Boolean includeStagesBeforeAsyncPoint,
Boolean includeStagesAfterAsyncPoint)

Ben Removed)

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