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Can't read remote registry key.
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Hi, it's a small intranet webapp.

OpenRemoteBaseKey works fine, but on read-only OpenSubKey function I
get an error:
<Requested registry access is not allowed.>

On remote machine I set all Code Groups to Everything, Set all .NET
security to Full Trust and in Registry added "Everyone" with Full
Control to the key and I still can't get past the error! Please advise!

This is my function in webservice:

public bool Read_Key()

// Opening the registry key
RegistryKey rk =
RegistryKey.OpenRemoteBaseKey(Microsoft.Win32.Regi stryHive.LocalMachine,"RDATABASE");

// Open a subKey as read-only
RegistryKey sk1 = rk.OpenSubKey(SOFTWARE\\TEST\Sample1);

// If the RegistrySubKey doesn't exist -> (null)
if ( sk1 == null )
return false;


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I added <identity impersonate="true" userName="Admin" password="pass"
/> and it worked!

But why didn't all my loose permissions (posted above) work for
whatever default account uses to access remote registry?

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