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How do I display the name of the user who logged into site?

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I have a default.aspx page and there is Login control on it. Once I
login, I need to bring up SearchPage.aspx and I should display who
logged in on every page through out the site I navigate to. Currently
its like this , when I click on the Login link on the default.aspx page
its turning into Logout link and that is it and it doesn't any thing
other turning out to Logout. I am not sure if I need to handle this in
the code behind page caputure who logged and and display that name and
then redirect to the page I want to go to. But I have no clue how do I
it and what events it raises when I click on Login.

I am using a Master page and all of pages are the content pages and go
into the ContentPlaceHolder which is on the right side (I have selected
Header and Side table template layout on the master page. All links
will be displayed on the left side and the content goes to the right
pane) pane of the Master page.

In my scenario where do I put my login.aspx (which has LogIn Control on
it)? For now I created it as a regular page in other words its not
associated with the Master page. Do I need to create this login.aspx as
a content page to the Master Page in order to display logout link on
the master page instead of having it displayed on each page?

Could some one help me to provide some input on this how do I do it?


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