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I am working on a web application for a client that uses Active Directory as
the backend for the network. The application is a content management system
that will have user and role based management based in ASP 2.0. Here is the
Scenario that I face...

During business hours (From the school network), employees can access web
application and I can query against the Active directory database to access
their credentials.

However, once they leave the office, we would like for them to be able to
access the network form home. So, there would need to be some type of form
based administration that can use a SQL membership provider.

Also, there is another group of users who will access the web application,
and I need to be able to store their role and profile information without
having to give them an account in Active Directory since they will never
access the local network.

1) Is it possible to program this type of behavior in 2.0?
2) If so, how would I programmatically control which membership provider is
used when the login form entered from the website?
3) Where would I store the role information? Is it possible to keep the
role information in one table for both sets of users? I guess that would be
equivalent to using a "role provider"

My assumptions are:

1) I can use a common profile provider for the two groups of users.
2) I can synchronize the user password information across Active Directory
and SQL when updates are made by users who can have dual access to the
3) The sol server has a public imp address.

Thanks for any comments, suggestions, or references.

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