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Java security api - DCE 128bit encryption with .NET

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iI have a web app that currently gets the userID from a 509 client cert.
Works great.

A new client wants to interface our web app in a WebSphere Portal with a
single signon for their clients so they want to call our default page via a
post and pass the userID in an encrypted query string. Their encryption will
use a Java security api - DCE 128bit encryption.

Using ASP.NET is there a way to either call the Java API, or use an API that
is compatible with ASP.NET so that I can successfully decrypt their supplied
string? Assuming of course that we have access or know any required keys ...
our client wants to interface with our web app so the use of any of their
keys to make this happen is reasonable.

I have searched the net with the words in the subject and have not been able
to find much in the way of details of the Java API or the compatibility of
the Java and .net encryption .NET classes/APIs.

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks ...


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This isn't exactly what your asking for, but J-Integra Espresso would
allow ASP.NET clients to access a WebSphere Portal via SSL/TLS over
IIOP. Not sure if this meets your requirements or not, but it's another
route of you don't have any luck finding an answer to the above.

Shane Sauer
J-Integra Interoperability Solutions
When Web Services are not enough

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