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Shared variable storage/ Encryption Corruption

Phil C.
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I'm testing some Aes Encryption/Decryption for an application.
As part of testing forward encryption and backwards decryption,
I have some aspx pages with code behind that have a shared field/property
storing the IV generated during encryuption in byte array format to be used
during decryption of ascii
text that was encrypted with AES. I'm getting PKCS7 errors during
so the thought that comes to mind is that either the shared value has
gotten corrupted,
or that my aes key stored as Base64 is getting corrupted when being
converted back to
a byte array. If the former is the case, I'm not exactly sure how the
shared values are stored??? on the heap of the server???
If the later is the case, I'm going to right now generate a key as a byte
array and store it as a byte array in a shared variable to see what happens
during decryption.

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