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.NET Assembly permissions

Nick Goloborodko
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I am in the process of working on ASP.NET web control. Basically the control
is just a timer which after a certain timespan posts the page back to
server. It is now functionally complete, and as good coding practice i ran
FxCop on the assembly.

Im a relative newbie in .NET, espacially when it comes to subjects like
security, which previously i just tended to ignore because it was
non-essential for a functionally complete product.

FxCop complained that Assemblies should declare minimum security. At the
moment im looking for a quick fix, so what should a security permissions of
such assembly be?

Kind regards,
nick Goloborodko
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Hello Nick,

Security consideration is always a best practice for .NET programming. You
may implement your customized security stratage based on the requirement of
your system. Following are some good article on .NET Code Access Security,
you may take a look to see if it will help:

Code Access Security in Practice

Secure Coding Guidelines for the .NET Framework


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