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Duplicate declaration of member Locale (many such messages)

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When I load a WebForm I created long back I get the following error message in my TASK

1. Duplicate declaration of member Locale (many such messages
2. The variable Parameters is either undeclared or was never assigne

To make diagnosis strange, when I double click on the first task, i am taken to line number 1 of the corresponding source file. Very strange

Double clicking on the second kind of tasks takes me to the SelectCommand objects of the Dataadapters of my for

Is this a bug of .NET? What can I do now

To make things WORSE WORSE WORSE WORSE, all my webforms that have this error has the SelectCommand property of the Data Adapters missing!!! (it says 'none')

What can i do? And somebody please tell me what I could have done to cause this error? I did nothing new. I have been working on this project for eight months and this is the first time. I do not want to do any fix on every form one by one


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