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Reading QueryString...WHEN?

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This is an odd question I'll try to word as best as I can.

I have an ASPX page. Two of the userControls check the queryString and
response.write a value to me for testing.

One userControl is placed in the HEAD of the ASPX page.

THe other userControl is placed in the BODY of the ASPX page.

Both userControls are using a Sub Page_Load to grab the query string and
pull out a value.

The problem:

The HEAD usercontrol is always correct, matching the QS to the value it
writes out.

The BODY usercontrol is always ONE PAGE behind, writing out the QS from the
previous page load.

What's going on? Shouldn't they both, OnPageLoad, be checking the SAME QS
and getting the SAME value?


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