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I have an aspx page that creates a process that executes robocopy.
Robocopy basically compares files located on two separate servers.
When I set it up so that robocopy compares files located locally
everything works fine. I setup impersonation and when robocopy
compares files running on separate folders I get access denied. In
order to ensure impersonation was setup correct, I created a test page
to copy files from one computer to another. The test worked, so I
know impersonate was setup correctly.

It appears that when a separate process is created the identity of the
user is not the impersonated user. Instead the user is ASPNET. Can
the created process run under the impersonated user?

Besides the following, is there another method of getting this to

1. Give ASPNET access to the resource
2. Run robocopy inside a batch file and use "use net"
3. Recreate the logic in robocopy.

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