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FormsAuthentication.GetRedirectUrl returns non-existing page ??

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i have copied to my PC an ASP.NET project that was developed on a
different PC.
I have managed to create a virtual directory and build the project
with no errors. when i use the browser to access the application it
works fine and i can login (Forms Authentication) and use the
When I run the application via 2002 in debug, within the
btnLogon_Click of the Login page there is a call to
FormsAuthentication.GetRedirectUrl(UserNameText.Te xt, False).ToLower()
that returns a url to "/myApp/webform1.aspx"

I have no such source in my project named "webform1.aspx" and i have
scaned all files in my project, none of them even include the string

so where did it come from ? and how can i solve this ?


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