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DropDownList (with AutoPostBack) in a DataGrid

Jaleel Syed via .NET 247
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I have a Search page, which has a Search Button which whenclicked, Binds a DataGrid to the Data returned from Search(whichimplies that I am not Binding the Grid in Page_Load method). Inthe EditTemplate, I have a DropDownList with AutopostBack Trueand I have also defined a SelectIndexChanged event Handler forit. Along with the DropDownList, I also have a two ListBoxes andAdd and Remove Buttons. The first ListBox should be filleddepending upon which option is selected in the DropDownList(I amfilling the List Box in the Item_DataBound method of theDropDownList). The problem is, when the OnSelectIndexChanged ofthe DropDownList is getting fired, I am losing all the Controlsin the EditTemplate.

I thought that maybe if I Bind the Grid in Page_Load(Out sideif(not postback) construct) I might solve the problem. But whenI tried that, when OnSelectIndexChanged event of theDropDownList gets fired, I am having my controls in place, but Iam losing my selection I make in the ListBox(thats because, I amBinding the Grid on each postback......which fires theItem_DataBound event handler)............

Please Help

Thanks in advance,


From: Jaleel Syed

Posted by a user from .NET 247 (

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