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I can encrypt the contents of a memory stream with no problems, however when
decrypting( I'm using the same key an IV ) I get an exception stating bad

I'm at a lost. I'm actually creating a new memory stream, filling it with
the encrypted bytes then trying to read from the crypto stream object. I
have used the same approach encrypting to a file handle and then decrypting
from the same file and it works.

sample: (this same code works with a file stream but not memory stream) what
am I missing?

MemoryStream memStrEnc2 = new MemoryStream(newByte, 0, newByte.Length);

CryptoStream decStream = new CryptoStream(memStrEnc2,
tdes.CreateDecryptor(random, random), CryptoStreamMode.Read);

byte[] memString2 = new Byte[memStrEnc2.Length];

decStream.Read(memString2, 0, 16);


Thank you for your time


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