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Validator/Textbox/Label Bug

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I have a textbox to enter an email address followed by a password
textbox. The email has a regularexpressionvalidator and a
requiredfieldvalidator. The ReqField works fine, but if I put in an
invalid email addy then click in the password field below, something
very odd happens.

The password label & textbox (and all controls below) shift down one
line, and rather than having my cursor in the password textbox. The
cursor is IN the label. I can now type in text in the LABEL.. I can
also backspace out the text in the label AND continue backspacing and
elminate the email textbox, the email label and the controls above
(limited by the TD cell these items are in).

If I use the tab button to move from the incorrectly entered email
addy to the password field, everything shifts down still, but the
cursor is where it should be. The shift is annoying, but obviously
there's much more going on here than an aesthetic glitch.

Has anyone experienced anything similar to this? Know what I can do
to fix it??

The bit of code having the problem is pasted below.


<< problem code >>

<asp:textbox size="25" id="Email" runat="server" />&nbsp;

<asp:regularexpressionvalidator controltovalidate="Email"
display="Dynamic" errormessage="Must use a valid email address."
runat="server" id="RegularExpressionValidator1" />

<asp:requiredfieldvalidator controltovalidate="Email"
errormessage="'Email' must not be left blank." runat="server"
id="RequiredFieldValidator2" />

<asp:textbox size="25" id="Password" textmode="Password"
runat="server" />&nbsp;

<asp:requiredfieldvalidator controltovalidate="Password"
errormessage="'Password' must not be left blank." runat="server"
id="RequiredFieldValidator3" />

<< end problem code >>
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