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Continued: Debugging a web service

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Thanks a lot Chris! Here is my situation in detail.
I have already created a domain account and I have
configured mymachine.config (<processmodel>section) so
that ASP.NET process runs with that account. On my local
system where I have my web server and my web
service application , I have logged in as a local
administrator. Additionally , I have configured my domain
account to be part of Debugger Users group on my local
system( I could not do it on the domain controller as I
cannot see that group there. Is it because .NET is not
installed on my domain controller ?)

Next my IIS is configured for Integrated Windows
Authentication and No anonymous login. Since I am using
Windows mode of authentication in my machine.config , I
see that enabling anonymous access does not make my
ASP.NET process to work. I had a hard time to figure this

So with this in place I am happliy runnning my ASP.nET
process fine , hotsing my webservice , reading
from a remote database and whenever I want to debug I
manually attach to the process aspnet_wp.exe.

Chris , can i retain all my settings this way ( in IIS and
machine.config ) and still make my debugging work ? I do
not understand why I am not able to debug when I am a
local adminisrtor and also the account running ASP.NET is
assigned to Debugger Users .

Thanks in advance ,

>-----Original Message-----
>Are you running as an admin? Debugger user? The problem

could be with
>debugging into a process owned by another user. What I do

is this (which you
>actually have to do in order to debug as a non-admin

>- Set up my user name and password encrypted in the

registry using
>- Change my machine.config to use my user name and

password for aspnet_wp
>- Configure IIS to use a separate, low privileged domain

account for
>anonymous access
>- Configure my web site to use impersonation
>Since I use anonymous on IIS and forms on ASP.NET, this

allows me to debug
>as a non-admin (it's my process, so I can do that) while

still passing
>credentials that only allow the process to do what it

needs to do, and no
>Chris Jackson
>Software Engineer
>Microsoft MVP - Windows XP
>Windows XP Associate Expert
>"Meena" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
>news:10eea01c38387$e65464e0$(E-Mail Removed)...
>> Hi ,
>> I have an ASP.NET web service running on a Windows


>> to access a remote database on my intranet , I set up my
>> ASp.NET worker process(aspnet_wp.exe) to run under a
>> domain account(<domainname>\meenaaspnet). Everything is
>> workimg fine. I can access my remote database also.
>> However when I try to debug my program (using F11) it
>> gives me this error.
>> "Error while trying to run project:Unable to start
>> debugging on a web server. Catastrophic failure"
>> I can however run my application if I choose the option

>> Start without debugging.
>> What do I do?



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