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Accessing .Net parent ctrl from interopped AxCtrl in VB6 ?

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I have a client control in VB6 and I have a .Net container application which
hosts that control.

The .Net container control implements a certain interface which is in a
separate .Net (interface-only) project, which is referenced (ccw) by VB6
(i.e, this interface project is referenced both in vb6 and .net )

Now from VB6 i need to get this interface, (In Container-In-VB6 scenario,
usually it will be by "UserControl.Parent" and assign it to that interface.)

But ContainerInDotnet scenario, UserControl.Parent ( in VB6 control )
returns nothing !

Is there any Direct way of getting a .Net parent thru' a common interface in
the VB6 world (I don't want the .net container control itself, but only the
interface which it implements ) ?

PS : I've tried raising event from VB6 with a byref param, so .Net captures
that event and sends back the container interface. it works but is there any
direct way ?
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