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page requires session state that is no longer available

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My mobile webapp display this message if i press
a submit button after waiting for something like 20 secs:

"The page requires session state that is no longer available. Either
the session has expired, the client did not send a valid session
cookie, or the session state history size is too small. Try increasing
the history size or session expiry limit. "

If i press the submit button quicker after the page has rendered then
theres no problem. We also had a problem that IIS somehow crashed and
all other apps on the production server stopped running because of
lack of "system resources", but there were plenty of hd space left, so
it must have been memory.
All our websites were running in the same application pool as
the one that I installed the mobile app under. The webserver
has never been unstabile before I installed the mobile app in
same pool.

The session timeout is 60, cookieless is false (the phones we use
support cookies and i dont want those weird urls that cookieless
in). The webserver is running .net v1.1.4322.

Any1 know a solution?
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