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varchar string not showing up in itemtemplate in a gridview

Stephan Steiner
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I have your regular GridView with an SQL Data source behind it. One of the
colums is a varchar column that the user can edit. Now if that column
contains a string like "a < b <c < d", if you're in the Item view, all that
can be seen is "a < b". It appears that any "word" starting with a < and
immediately followed by another character will be suppressed. However, when
editing an item, the full text is being shown.

Is there a way I can get the whole text to show in the label (item mode,
rather than edititem where there's a textbox)? The field is bound via Bind()
and the column in the gridview is a template column (if I put it into an
autogenerated column I have the htmlencode property, which, when set to
true, ensures the text is rendered - just minus the < in front of the c, so
it's not a 100% solution and I need the column to be a template column

Does anyone have any idea how I can get my full string to show up in the
item view in my GridView?


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