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A way to dynamically resize the datagrid's frame height?

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We are using the Microsoft DataGrid control provided in ASP.NET 1.1.

Is there any way to make the datagrid's frame taller after the HTML is
rendered in the browser?

The original height is set in styles.css:

overflow: auto;
border: #00125a thin solid;
height: 400px;

and is fine for 1024x768, but looks too small when larger resolutions
are in use.

I've added an icon whose onclick javascript should increase the grid's

onclick="dg=getElementById('datagrid1'); datagrid1.height='675px';"

Nothing happens.

Have tried various combinations of syntax on these attributes, all to
no avail:


When I use a custom function to display the current properties:

datagrid1.height is reported as a null value
datagrid1.width is reported as a null value
datagrid1.scrollheight is 3069
datagrid1.clientheight is 3069 is reported as an [object]
--> How to look at the sub-attributes? I tried[1]
and several variations, to no avail.

Thank you in advance!


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