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Making Custom border in DataGrid
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I am using making an ASP.NET website using C# in Visual Studio 2003.

On the website I display a DataGrid which contains

- five columns, one with and item name and four with different prices
for the various items.
- Columnheader with item name and four different buying options
- A number of rows with items, sorted by manufactore

Now my problem is how to get the kind of borders in and around this

Here is what I would like to do:

- A thin border all the way around the DataGrid
- A thin border between the item column and the first price column
- A thin border between Columnheader and the first item in each row
- A thin border between each rows when the manufactore changes

It should look something like this
| Itemname | Price1 Price2 Price3 Price4 |
| Manufac1 |
| Man1 item1 | 34 343 23 23 |
| Man1 item2 | 44 545 34 54 |
| Manufac2 |
| Man2 item1 | 23 23 23 43 |
| Man2 item2 | 34 34 34 43 |

(I hope the above "image" is not completly messed up!)

Can anyone give me any ideas how to do this? I have tried using CSS
style sheets, but so far unsuccesfull.

Sren Augustesen

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