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"Linking" DropDownList in EditItemTemplate and Label in ItemTempla

Inge Larsson
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I have a ASP.NET 1.1 DataGrid template column set up this way:
As the ItemTemplate I have a label, lblSatus. As the EditItemTemplate I have
a DropDownList, ddlStatus. ddlStatus have a DataSet, dsStatus, as data
source, and is populated fine. I have set the AutoPostBack property of both
lblStatus and dllStatus to true.

What I need a solution for:

1) I want ddlStatus to have its SelectedValue property set to the value of
the Text property of lblStatus - when or before the user clicks the edit

2) I want lblSatus to have its Text property set to the value of the
SelectedValue property of ddlStatus - when the user clicks the update button.
With or without using the SelectedIndexChanged event of ddlStatus, but I
suppose using this event is the way to go.

3) I want to set the BackColor property of lblStatus if the user has caused
SelectedIndexChanged event of ddlStatus to get fired.

Grateful for any help on this,

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