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Subheader (subcolumns)

Tumurbaatar S.
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Can anybody help me to make my DataGrid header
like below one?
| | | SomeText
H1| H2 | H3 | -------------------
| | | H4 | H5 | H6

In the plain HTML, this can be achieved using RowSpan and ColumnSpan
attributes. But how to apply it to the DataGrid?
I have some experience in manipulating a DataGrid content from a code.
So I decided to add one extra header row below the existing one and thru
modifying theirs cells, get what I need. But my test code failed at a very
first step!
I called below code from DataGrid_Prerender and instead of getting an extra
header row with a text "test", I got an empty row. Without <td> elements

//this fragment from browser's Source View

//the code from Grid_Prerender()

DataGridItem hdr = null, sub;
TableCell cell;
int c;

for (c = 0; c < Grid.Controls[0].Controls.Count; c++)
hdr = Grid.Controls[0].Controls[c] as DataGridItem;
if (hdr != null && hdr.ItemType == ListItemType.Header)
if (hdr == null || hdr.ItemType != ListItemType.Header)
sub = new DataGridItem(-1, -1, ListItemType.Header);
cell = new TableCell();
cell.ColumnSpan = hdr.Cells.Count;
cell.Text = "test";
Grid.Controls[0].Controls.AddAt(c + 1, sub);

If above problem will be solved, my next step is to try to
cells from above 2 header rows and, may be, I will get some result.

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