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Event handlers called multiple times

Tumurbaatar S.
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My DataGrid's event handlers looks like:
switch (e.Item.ItemType):
case ListItemType.Footer:
...// BREAKPONT FooterBound
case ...// other item types


if (e.Item.ItemType == ListItemType.Pager)
...// BREAKPONT PagerCreated

During debug session I put 2 breakpoints as shown above. And I noted strange
1. On the first time, events are called in this order: PagerCreated,
FooterBound, PagerCreated.
I.e. Pager item created event raised 2 times!
2. After postback they are called: PagerCreated, PagerCreated, PagerCreated,
FooterBound, PagerCreated
Now Pager item created event raised 4 times!!!

What is happening?

P.S. Can anybody recommend me any reference about event calling in ASP.NET
which explains all above things?

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