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What's the fastest method to populate data into GRID

sqlak sqlak
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Hi Everyone,

I have ASP.NET application which is working fine in the Country lever
having 20+ remote users. Speed, performance everything is ok with
current sytemd design and logic I applied for application.

I' have report called "abc" which dataeader to populate data (SQL
SERVER) into to grid. In the grid, each rows had command button whcih is
basically show another grid with details of rows user cicked. To provide
details system will make round trip to sever to get the details.

Now, other country (all of them are in the same network) want use this
application. To know the application performance I ran the report "abc"
from other country which really takes time to populated the data into
grid. I though it will take much time if user click "detail" command
button which basically make a rounf-trip to server.

To avoid this, I'm thiniking of using DataSet and Adaptor to keep the
data offline. So when user click "detail" command button, not required
round-trip to server to get the details since the data is already in the

but, when I was testing using dataset from dev't machine. I noticed that
sytem takes time to show the grid even excution of the following lines.
Any idea why ?

cmd1.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure
cmd1.CommandTimeout = 300
cmd1.CommandText = "[Services].[dbo].COB_WC_Vs_OK_NEW"
cmd1.Connection = objConn
If objConn.State = 0 Then objConn.Open()

Dim da1 As New SqlDataAdapter
Dim ds1 As New dsCOB_KPIS
da1.SelectCommand = cmd1

Me.MainGrid.DataSource = ds1.tbl_WCvsOK_Sum

exit sub

also I have another issue.

currently the SP return only one SELECT statement which returns data
from a TEMP table and fills the DataSet.

I need to return 2 set of data (2 SELECT statements) from my SP from
TEMP table and each set of data to be filled in different tables of
DataSet. How can I do this ?.

If I use datareader, I can have data from multiple SELECT statments from
the SP. I can't fill a dataset using datareader.

Many thanks in advance..


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