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Dragging rows without a post back to the server.

Thomasa Gregg
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I have been able to create a datagrid that is able to click and drag from
one row and drop it onto another to move it above the row dropped on. The
problem is it must do a post to the server and rebind the data. The number
of rows can be quite large and takes time. Here are the steps I am doing.

1. Get the row value on the ondragstart event.
2. Get the row value on the ondrop event.
3. Paste these values in an invisible field.
4. Force an on click event in JavaScript.
5. This on click event starts a stored proc that rearranges the data table
based on the row values.
6. I rebind the datagrid to the newly updated dataset.

What I want to do is rearrange the datagrid first without having to do a
post back. When the sorting is finished, have a procedure go through the
datagrid once, collect the new sort order and change the table at one time.

If anybody has any hints please give me a heads up.


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