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dynamic datagrid and validator

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I have a problem with one datagrid and a CompareValidator :

I have a datagrid, filled with textbox, and a button. I expect integer
in my textbox, so I want to test data before to process with a
I build my dategrid in a function called in the Page.Load().
TemplateColumn textBoxColumn = new TemplateColumn();
textBoxColumn.HeaderText = "";

int j = 0;
foreach(DataGridItem dgi in MainDataGrid.Items)
// TextBox Warning
TextBox warningTextBox = new TextBox();
warningTextBox.ID = "warningTextBox"+j;
warningTextBox.Width = 50;
warningTextBox.EnableViewState = true;

// Validator
CompareValidator warningValidator = new CompareValidator();
warningValidator.ControlToValidate = warningTextBox.ID;
warningValidator.Operator = ValidationCompareOperator.DataTypeCheck;
warningValidator.Type = ValidationDataType.Integer;
warningValidator.Text = "error";
warningValidator.Display = ValidatorDisplay.Dynamic;
warningValidator.ID = "warningValidator"+j;

Next in the Button_Click(), I test data validity. But there is no
message and the function isValid always equals to true.

CompareValidator warningValidator =
if (warningValidator != null)
if (warningValidator.IsValid)
the next.....

If anyone have an idea ????
Bests regards
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