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Nested Data Grid Controls

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Hello Gridsters,

I need to create a data grid that allows users to select items to
purchase in a windows form. (Shopping cart style) Ultimately after the
user created the item list for purchasing, they would click a button
and I would write the order to the db.

The grid would have columns like: Line No., Item No., Description,
Price, Quantity, Amount. The idea is to have a user click in the Item
Number field and have that bring up a new data grid that will allow
the user to start typing in an item number in a text box. Upon
entering the item number they are interested in, the "select your
item" grid would make the current row (high lite) the row that matches
what the user entered in the text box. Thus is the user typed in "1.2"
the grid would immediatetly go to the first row that began with "1.2",

Then perhaps the user could click that item row, and add that item to
the first "shopping cart" data grid and populate the item number,
Description and Price fields dynamically. (Then the grid would
calculate the Amount based on the Price x Quantity) The user would
then continue to add items to the Data Grid till they were done

If anyone has any ideas about how to approach this application, it
would be much appreciated. Any documentation or books that anyone
could recommend about custom columns and data grids for windows forms
would also be helpful.

Thanks- King Bugsy
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