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UserControl in DataGrid

Kristoffer Renholm
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I got some problem with my DataGrid. I'm trying to load a UserControl inside
my DataGrid EditItemTemplate.

<ucermissions id="ucPermissions" runat="server" GUID="<%#
((GearControl)Container.DataItem).ID %>"></ucermissions>

private Security.Permissions permissions;

public Guid GUID
get { return guid; }
set { guid = value; }
private void Page_Load(object sender, ystem.EventArgs e)
permissions = new Security.Permissions(GUID); // Permission doesn't accept
if (!Page.IsPostBack)

private void Bind()
dlPermissions.DataSource = permissions;
--The problem is that GUID always will be Guid.Empty, because of the the
propertie will be set after Page_Load. How do I correct this?

Thanks in advance...

Kristoffer Renholm Removed)

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